Manufacturing Standards

KMS works continuously to improve and update the manufacturing and process capabilities to benefit the customer in the long run. All manufacturing facilities house all the machinery and the processes required for making the most reliable product for the customer. After fabrication, shot blasting is done as standard to remove scaling on the surface and to ensure long lasting paint adherence. Three coat painting method with required DFT to make the product robust enough to withstand extreme environmental conditions. KMS can also offer higher quality corrosion resistant coating for any specific requirement. Some of the standard machines across all manufacturing facilities include:

• Shearing machines

• Plasma and Gas cutters

• Overhead cranes

• Press Brakes

• Roll Forming Machines

• MIG Welding Equipment

• Flexible Product Assembly Lines & Processes

• High- Quality Shot Blasting System

• Two Coat Paint Booths

• All associated quality tools to ensure quality control at each steps

Design, Technology and Innovation

In the quest to keep moving toward engineering excellence, TII has a state-of-the-art Corporate Technology Center that allows us to stay ahead in its engineering endeavors. The center has a strong team of engineers and metallurgists who continuously work on business-driven R&D projects with a specific focus on metal forming, thermal processing and fabrication etc. KMS gains from the technology center by using the inherent knowledge and design competence to make the truck body parts in the strongest yet quickest & cost effective manner.

KMS design include:

• Efficient use of materials and manufacturing techniques – right size, right shape and right fit.

• Weight Optimization while meeting all emerging standards

• Higher strength steel and tubular structures

• Affordable and actionable design propositions

• Customizable Design algorithm for truck bodies

• Mathematical Analysis of body design for load optimization and identification of stressed members.

• KMS achieves its value oriented goals by utilizing advanced technology trends, well-built material testing facility while ensuring value for money.


KMS follows stringent quality control process right from raw material procurement to final delivery to ensure accurate dimensional and construction quality so that the designed load capacity is obtained. At the incoming stage, proper inspections are conducted to ensure the desired grade of raw material is procured. Weld penetration tests are conducted frequently to monitor the consistency of workmanship. Paint and paint process is controlled to ensure to high corrosion resistant finish.

Reliability of the product is ensured intrinsically in the design itself by appropriately testing the product to peak loads with appropriate safety factors and with multiple G-force application to simulate the harsh road conditions in India. The grade of steel used is appropriately selected to ensure the best utilisation of vehicle load capacity. In addition to all above, the product and process standards are as per ARAI guidelines. KMS’s quality processes comply with IATF 16949-2016.

Raw Material Procurement

TBW has the ability to leverage the strategic long-term partnerships with leading steel manufacturers across India through its parent and other divisions of TII. As a result of these partnerships, TBW has been able to streamline supply chain procurement processes to enable lower lead times, maintain consistent quality of the materials procured and leverage economies of scale on costs. Some of our most common raw materials include:

• Automotive Quality Steel.

• Hot Rolled Steel.

• Cold Rolled Steel.

• Automotive Quality Finishing Products.