The crowds have spoken, and a shipping container office or workspace is now a great option for temporary or semi-permanent workspace for any site. A shipping container site office on a construction site, mining site, worksites, mining sites, agricultural and even a small start-up business in a back yard.

Maybe your shipping container site office will be going to an area that requires extra security, no problems lets add some security grills over the windows and doors.
With Containify we take the time to truly understand your build so whether you’re working in agriculture, mining, construction or even a small backyard start-up or travelling exhibitions at Containify we can help get you that new site office to suit your needs.
Shipping container offices are so popular in heavy industry, mining, construction but did you know that if you can fit a caravan down the side of your house, chances are a modified shipping container can fit too.
Starting a small business is hard enough without the distraction of children running through the house when you’re trying to concentrate. Building a shipping container office in the backyard could be the perfect move, cheap to build and have delivered to your site and gives you that separation for when its time to focus and get some work done.
Constructed in only a few weeks these full transportable and modular site offices are a secure contemporary workspace for anyone. Fully insulated and made very comfortable year-round with features such as air conditioning. No wonder more and more industrial and non-industrial companies are looking to a shipping container office space for their next project.
One of the most common uses of shipping containers is for site offices on worksites, mining sites, construction sites, and agricultural properties. Transportable, modular, stackable, insulated, ventilated, air-conditioned and completely secure, mobile worksite offices are the first choice for many industrial and non-industrial worksites. No longer is there a need to pack the whole office into boxes and get a removalist to unpack it again at the other end. 
With KMS Infratech you truly are in control, we work with you to come up with the right design and have our own builders that specialise in shipping container offices. The right build, the right price and complete build management of your project right till the end.